Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 5 Week 16 - Thank You


This will be posted right after I finished my internship on 25th July which is tomorrow. I would like to thank everyone here, especially the IT team, H, J and Boss H. Oh not to forget the previous IT Team, K and N. I've learnt a lot thank youuu.
To Kak Z, thank you for being my zohor and asar prayer mate. Haaha. We always went to the surau at the same time, unplanned. Today will be the last day we pray together (not literally together, not berjemaah haaha). If you happen to google your own name, I hope google will lead you to this blog. I'm sure you'll remember me (hopefully) tehehe :) 

To Kak H, who gave many advices, about halal foods, about how should i find jobs, the one who pat me on my back when i said i was going for an interview, thank you for being nice to me this whole 4 months. I've once heard how you explaind about  Hudud to another chinese colleague, I seriously respect you for that :)

To my ex-lunchmates; haaha its nice having someone to go lunch with. Thank you S and A . Yes i remembered their full name because of my job. And I dont want to write the IT Team's full name because i dont want them to know my blog. Malu. Hahahah. 

If you guys cant remember me, Im that one intern girl who sat quietly for the first three months. haaha. Sad to think that i only liked my job on my second last week here. Sobs sobs.

Thank you M Berhad and B.B MS for all your kindness and hospitality. Its been an enjoyable 4 months for me. (ye ke tu....hahaha) Im gonna miss B.B's wifi and toilet the most. Hehehe.

Till then,

'Aliah Wafa

(okay ini poyo gilaaaa kakakaka)

p/s : i decided not to schedule this post and will manually post it tomorrow. Sebab jap lagi ada makan makan mesti ada gambar. Hihihi.


so this was from yesterday's bukak puasa :D

Ayam Kari, Telur dadar, Ikan Masak Asam, Kangkung goreng, Butter Prawn, Tomyam, Otak otak besar gedabak, semua tu  untuk 5 orang makan. Habis pulak tu terkezut i.
L to R : (supervisor), (boss' boss), (boss), (colleague), (intern (perlu la bagitau?)).

Sekarang aku dah lapar nak buat camne ni haa? Kot tetiba boleh berbuka takpe jugak. EH? kikiki. 


P/s : i decided to schedule this post instead. heheh.


updated : i decided to edit their full names including the companies' name. Sebab tengok tengok ada 280 view kat post ni. SERAM LA AKU. 

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