Thursday, February 25, 2016

Job - expectations and experience


I'm writing this from my phone so i won't forget. Yesterday, i trained a new staff in our team. Gitu wey trainer bidan terjun. We talked a bit in between our 5 mins break. First 5 mins break was okay. Everything went smoothly. I think. 

Up until i told her about our shift schedule. She said she was a bit shocked as she was told the schedule would always be 6am to 4pm. Well technically its true. Tapi since its daylight saving im Australia, semua jadi satu jam awal so yeah. And we were all told that we'll be working on shifts, why the shock then? 

And then she continued on comparing how flexible and how fun her previous company was. How efficient and how they had 2 monitors and a laptop to do their work. How secure their process were. How fun the pantry was at her previous company. She compared how many calls they received per day on previous company with ours. That immediately turned my mood off to train her. Like whats the point of teaching people who dont feel like working seriously?

I know, answering calls are not the best job in the world. It requires patience and hard work. Nahhh kidding. It requires your knowledge to kencing people intelligently, i think hahaha. Anyway, if she keeps on comparing her new workplace with the previous one, i dont think she'll find a suitable place for her to fit in. Campak kat company mana mana kalau bagi alasan this and that bla bla bla sama je.

Oh sebab dia banyak sangat complain, so i asked her why did she quit? She said they're closing the project she was in so she had no choice. And I guess she's expecting her new workplace to be the same as her previous workplace.

Look its okay to point out your opinion, to compare shits and whatnots. I complained my company all the time kot. We all do kan. But at least we worked there, we knew the environment, how it works, how people interact with each other and so on. We can see the pros and cons. But complaining on your second day of work, without even knowing the workplace well, just pointing it outbbased on your observations, girl, We dont want you to be a part of the team either. 

And she resigned today. On her 3rd day. Since she already joined the company, she'll need to stay for a month before leaving. Macam 1 month notice before resigning camtu. I immediately said to boss i dont want to train her anymore. No point of doing it. 

I'll take this as an experience of what NOT to do in my future workplace. 

Haihhh. Ranting about work. I miss being a student. We all do. 

Till then, ta . Besok kerja  la malas nak layan user zzzz( bebel ceni takpe :P)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

HIV Test For Dummies (like me)


tedia semenjak nak kahwin ni isi blog semua pasal benda benda nak kahwin ja. ya la untuk reference b2b ( it took me some time to know the meaning of it - bride to be. most of them b2b/married bloggers use it lol but i wont).

i had a blast 3 days of holidays this week. cuti orang kerja shift ni pelik sikit. orang cuti CNY and Thaipusam kitorang kena kerja. Bila dah habis cuti baru kitorang boleh apply cuti untuk ganti hari kerja yang time cuti tu. no explain needed anyway.

since cuti 3 hari tak buat apa, i decided to run a hiv test (amboi rasa cam troubleshoot IT lak nak run test ni) sebelum decide nak buat HIV test, kena check dulu apa nak kena check.

1. make sure its 6 months away before your wedding. HIV test hanya boleh diguna dalam masa 6 bulan sahaja. - checked

2. kena buat dekat klinik kesihatan kerajaan sahaja. and mostly HIV test ni waktu dia dari pukul 2PM sampai 4PM. Boleh tengok list klinik kesihatan kat sini. Kalau rasa kau ni sentiasa bernasib baik, try la call. kalau nasib baik, ada la orang angkat, aku call 3 klinik nak check just in case kena appointment ke ape hampeh takde yang angkat. Kitorang buat dekat Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Seri Putra, (tempat jatuh lagi dikenang inikan pulak tempat jatuh cinta. hahahahambarnya aku).


- Masjid dekat, Lepas zohor boleh terus pergi klinik.
- Parking banyak disediakan
- Ada coolblog. Lepas test gi beli coolblog sebab haus (motip sangat)

3. Kena test air kencing tak kak? Nehi. No need. Tak yah. Save your urine somewhere else. (eww) save it for your pregnancy test later.

4. Any documents needed? - Nehi. No need. Tak yah. masuk lenggang kangkung je cakap nak buat hiv test , nanti dia bagi borang.

5. kena bayar tak? Kena, RM1.

6. Lepas test. Make sure confirmkan kat mana boleh collect test. Macam kitorang haritu lama tunggu, rupanya nak collect test kat the other side of the klinik.

klinik yang kitorang pergi ada zon zon dia. Contoh, buat HIV Test kat zon permata (bukan nama sebenar), ambik result test kat zon kasih. Nasib baik tanya nurse kat situ, dia bagitau kena ambik kat zon kasih. And Alhamdulillah time kitorang pergi tu, nama tengah dah nak panggil.

7. Nama dipanggil. Bagi buku yang dapat time ambik darah. dalam buku tu ada set of questions btw. Bila last tarikh period, tinggi, berat etc etc. Kalau dapat sijil kaler biru, with sign, Alhamdulillah negative = )

Anyway, semoga post ni membantu sesiapa yang nak kahwin and nak buat HIV test kat luar sana tu. sebab mostly blogs yang aku jumpa for reference dah lama. post 2012, 2014 etc. so guys, ni 2016 punya post. latest kay. 

Cengkerik : *krik....krik...* (kay faham).