Monday, April 30, 2018

30/4/2018 - of baby and hair cut

hi yall.

Guess what? Im blogging from my phone just cause google is suddenly being extra secure that i am not able to login using my work device!! Damn it. I logged on fine before okay. Like last week, how come it is not working today. Tak feel langsung blogging pakai phone.

Okay, people say that when babies started goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ing  with their saliva, the mother’s haur will fall like crayyyzayyy. Yeah. Like i didnt even comb my hair, i just use my hand to straighten it, and all i get was a chunk of hair falling. I sat still while nursing my baby, hair falls down automatically.

I decided to find a hair salon, a muslimah one to be exact, to cut off my hair. Konon nak cuci sekali la, like a me time for me gitu. Tapi most of the services are priceyyy. Rm40-50 just for an effing haircut, are you kidding me yall muslimah hair salons?!!!

Then i remembered a small barber shop, that my siblings and i used to go back then when we were kids. Kedai tu serious kecik, belakang kedai sports toto pulak tu. If ur not a regular, u wont guess that there’s a barber shop near a sports toto kedai.

 Went there during lunch hour just now , said “i nak potong pendek tak mau ikat, tapi nak nampak perempuan la. Tak nak nampak macam lelaki.” Told here a little background story about why my hair is falling off like crazy. She immediately understood the situation and was able to relate with herself lol. Lepas less than 30 minutes, boom. Done. Just. Like. That.

How much did it cost? RM20! ONLY. Id definitely suggest it to everyone (who is not so cerewet lah).  Yall can whatsapp me and ill send you the secret location. I dont want to make it viral, hence writing about it here.

And no worries guys, i asked the amoi if she can not let any man comes in while i was there. She locked the door immediately. I know its best to find a muslimah barber, but what choice do i have. Gittewhhh. Mahal sangat. (Or maybe cause im saving for our family trip hence the cheap skate blood in me rises haaaha k not funny).

Guess thats about it. If youre reading this in the future Awatif, aside from you playing with you ayaq liur, please know that you were also pulling my hair every single time i dukung-ed you. (Sorry mak lemah english main campur je BM + past tense). Guess whose not gonna pull my hair  now hewhew.

Till then. Ta

Friday, April 27, 2018



Read on twitter about this old lady that was diagnosed with Alzheimer and forgets everyone, but felt safe whenever she's with her husband. SO, in case anything happens to me too, or before anything happens (Na'uzubillah), i decided to write at a least something everyday. Just like a recap of what happened on that day. Like what i had for lunch, traffic, what i heard on the radio, ya know, just random stuff.

I actually wanted to buy like a small diary, feeling2 tulis journal, and in the future anak cucu baca and be like "hey, look what i've found. nenek's journal of when she was young." although it might not be interesting to read, lol, but at least it shows that i was there, i did that on this day, i did this on that day.

Instead of buying a diary, i decided to just write it on this blog. which no one actually read it anymore. gotta admit blogger days are over. those blogs yang still hidup pun, adalah untuk review ads je. for money. so yeah. Tengok lah kalau rajin i belilah small diary and will write it every night before sleeping.

Oh wait, i cant write one yet. its only 1.16PM. the days hasnt finished yet. ok, gonna eat lunch. bye.