Saturday, June 27, 2015



I just thought this is funny. this post is not meant to be a sarcasam or an offensive post. Just letting you know.

Yesterday i had to go back early as I wasn't feeling that well. Its that time of the month. Ala that time laaa. Ya knowww.  Luckily my team leader was a lady, so it wasnt that hard to ask for permission to go back early. She said i can go at 12.30.

I was usually not a moody person at office. When they're gossipping or talking about food (since ramadhan, we spent some of our free times talking about food hehehe) i would join along. Yesterday i just sat while hugging my pillow to my stomach, head on the desk, not facing them, while waiting for 12.30.

One of my officemate made a joke and asked "betul tak wafa?" , the question was left unanswered as i was really not in the mood to join yesterday 's meeting (amboi meeting). Then i heard him said "wey bagi je la dia balik sekarang." So i finished my last email and went back home. Trying to sleep.

This morning when I came to office. My officemate asked if i was okay. And then I said of course. Sehari je dah okay dah. Then i heard him said "baru tau kenapa wafa moody daru hari isnin haritu." Lolll i wasnt moody. Last week was just not that lucky for me. Getting sarcastic and rude users on the phone and with all the workloads.

 Tengahari pulak, "dah seminggu dah kita puasa. Kecuali wafa. Dia lain." Hamboih viral nau ke berita aku balik awal sebab apa kekeke

Just thought of sharing it here since i will be the only one whose gonna read it. It sounded hambar so no point of sharing it with anyone else hehe

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