Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 5 Week 15 - Friday Prayer


Harini hari Jumaat, di mana umat Islam lelaki wajib menunaikan solat Jumaat di masjid berdekatan. Department aku ada 3 orang semuanya, perempuan sorang, one malay guy and one chinese guy. So since its Ramadhan, the chinese guy went lunch with another chinese guy. Back from lunch;

J (the chinese IT guy)
H (the malay IT guy)

J  : H mana ah?

Me : Tak tau. Friday prayer kot.

J  : Friday prayer, hahahaha. 

Okay  i was being sarcastic. I never saw the malay IT guy went to solat jumaat before. But i was kinda shocked that J understood my sarcasm and laughed at it. I thought he'd be like "Ohhh friday prayer, okay okay."

Dah lah aku ni gelak gelak kan orang Zohor belum lagi. Bye.

p/s : Last night's news was really shocking. Something is definitely wrong. :( Some people choose to believe the 'accident' though :(

Anyway, my prayers are with all of the affected families and Malaysia.  May Allah bless all of us and help us to go through this hardship. Amin.

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