Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beli barang hantaran


semalam aku dan tunang keluar, plan asal adalah untuk beli cincin lelaki. i did some research before buying it. most of the bloggers said its kinda hard finding men's ring. banyak kay kedai diorang pergi. bila dah baca, nampak macam seri pinang is the best option to find men's ring. sebab dia  memang ada product specifically for men, yang sangat banyak.

we went to Seri Pinang outlet thats located at PKNS Shah Alam. Sampai sampai ghupanyaaa kedai dah tutup and kena pergi dekat HQ which is in KL and i hate KL. we surveyed Habib and Tomei, ada kat dalam PKNS. Pergi Habib tengok price tag "GULP" je mampu. pergi Tomei tengok price tag, okay sangat. Tapi..........bila tunang try............tak muat. i seriously didnt expect that. ahahaha. He tried like the maximum size for men, and it got stuck on his jari manis. kay tak kelakar tian dia.

so daripada menggagau carik cincin jugak, tak jadi beli cincin. we went to sunway pyramid to buy other stuffs for hantaran. nak cari hantaran kalau boleh nak la branded sikit (sebab mak belanja). masuk aeon nampak wallet dengan belt satu set, 300+ if im not mistaken. brand polo. bila tengok sample wallet, wey serious la polo cikai nipis camni. tak worth 300+ kay. SERIOUSLYYYY WTF.

So masa akak tu ambik similar other wallets, kitorang blah. Went to what we thought was the original POLO outlet, checked on some wallets there. it looked different, but once we got our hands on those wallet, hampa k hampa. SAMA JA. is it just us or POLO punya wallet memang nampak cheapo camtu? my fiance kept suggesting me buying him a wild channel or a quicksilver wallet. sebab tahan lama and quality pun okay. i taknakkkk sebab to me wild channels and quicksilver are only for high schoolers.

carik jam tangan masa kat polo, harga 400+, tapi rasa macam tak worth it jugak, because of the wallet kot, so survey2 je dulu. masuk swatch, carik jam. yang dia nampak 800+, yang aku nampak 505. K again, survey ja dulu walaupun ada duit.

in the end. after some discussions, i agreed to buy him a WC wallet. we'll go to midvalley on our next date. the problem is actually me. i kept thinking on what people will say about buying a WC wallet for the hantaran. not just wallet,any  other stuffs on the dulang, i'd always think about what people would say. hence the reason why i want all of my hantarans to be just foooooods.

lepas dah kena brainwash (he loveeees doing it), baru sedar macam, eh F it. i wont think of what other people will think of our hantarans anymore. its our money so we'll buy things that we want and that can saves us lotsa money for after kahwin. (walaupun mak sponsor, reti bahasa kay)

nak carik kemeja. ada orang taknak beli kat marks and spencer sebab mahal, masuk aeon taknak sebab design kotak2 tak sesuai untuk gomen, so i picked him another shirt that i thought was unique, taknak jugak. picked a reasonable price shirt, taknak jugak sebab dalam plastik tak leh tengok elok ke tak elok.

we ended up not buying anything yesterday and leave it to my mom to settle all the hantarans.

 but its okay. at least i stopped thinking of other people when buying hantarans. betul jugak, sibuk nak yang mahal, lepas kahwin takde siapa nak kasi duit pun beli WASHING MACHINE or FLATSCREEN TV kan or pay for our bills and all that khenz.

anyway, pengajaran dia, to be happy, stop thinking of pleasing other people all the time. ihiks

till then, ta.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016



both of us , my fiance and i, we agreed not to spend lotsa money on hantarans. i told him not to buy me those branded handbags and shoes since i dont need one, and he agreed to not have shoes wallet and what not for his hantarans. for me, foods are enough as hantarans. murah takde la murah sangat but not as expensive as those designer handbags shoes whatever shit people always put on the dulang hantaran. decided to buy him a watch. hurm.......then came another list of non edible stuffs to be given to pihak lelaki as the hantaran.

my list was very simple;

1- buah (makcik makcik sponsor)
2 - chocolates (makcik makcik sponsor lagi)
3 - cakes (either sponsored or beli or order online , from a trusted seller of course)
4 - agar agar (sama hantaran masa tunang who cares if its the same, his mom liked it kay)
5 - cincin

thats that. my mom's list is... yes is....

1 - jam tangan
2 - wallet and tie (or maybe a belt)
3 - set of men's stuff from body shop
4 - towels (not the ones that you buy from giant okay)
5 - cincin

its okay. i dont blame her. parents are always like that. but still, imma stick to giving edible stuffs as hantarans. except for the cincin. takkan nak beli cincin gula gula pulak kot.

also, we dont want the makcik makcik or the cousins looking at our hantaran and be like "handbag dia tu ori ke tu?" "what brand is that? never heard of it before"

cause i did it too sometimes. hahahah! tapi takde la cakap kuat kuat. who cares if its original or not. its just us women. we love observing shits like that. ehehe

till then. ta.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

how it started - 1


it was around this time of the month when we started our final semester. (tipu, i dont even remember). i remembered promising myself to focus on studies and get the hell outta college as soon as possible. (tipu lagi. the focus on studies part).

being the only girl in my class, i hated it when we had to gabung (gabung in english padia merge eh?) class with other courses. like its okay to merge classes with other students if theyre from networking or software engineering (sebab depa senasib semua kelas dua tiga ketul student per semester), but having to join (just googled gabung in englis (literally spelled englis)) a certain subject, with a bunch of students from God knows where theyre from. A bunch kay, 10 to 20 students camtu. i hated it.

sebab nanti assignments either kena carik kawan baru or kena gabung dengan 3 of my other classmates, lelaki. usually id chose to do assignments with them. easier and more comfortable.

anyway, on the final semester, ada pulak satu kelas kena gabung dengan budak course lain. see this is why i hate typing stories like this in malay. i sounded so childish. but not that i am good at story telling in english as well. haih dilemma.

long story short. i met my fiance in that class. hahahah. that was the whole point of this post actually. i just dont know how to express it. not that i need to. well maybe i need to. for.....future maybe? just to reminisce old love story. so that when our children wants to know how do/did/does (?) we met, i'd have a reference of my own. kekeke.

i was not in the mood to be in a relationship for 2 years at that time. was still trying to move on from past relationship. until one day,i really really really really really really prayed hard to Allah to open up my heart for someone else. padahal tengah FYP elok doa mintak lulus project kot . heh (i passed btw).

as we all know, Allah, as-sami' the All hearing heard my prayers. like He always did (nak nangis). He did opened up my heart. i think so. cause i started stalking other people's facebook instead of stalking he who must not be named. iykwim.

this guy was in the same class with me for a particular subject. i barely noticed him since he's not always around. Ponteng kelas, dota, COC, tidur, you name it (tipu lagi mati lah nak). stalked him on facebook. didnt didnt get much information. and of course, you have to tell your crush to a bestfriend. thats what best friends are for right?

so i told Tashia, and of course, as a best friend, she did what she gotta do. tell it to that guy even though i told her not to. its what best friends always do kan. kan  kan. things turned out okay. better than i thought.

it started with a "thanks approve oi. budak mahad eh?" hahahahha booo old schoolnye cara nak ngorat obviously kat profile tulis budak mahad. i replied with an old school answer "aah. senior ker" though he obviously stated on his facebook whats his highschool.

it stopped for a while since we didnt know what to talk about at that time. i dont think any details needed kot. lol. anyway. as long as both of us remembered how it started, it should be fine. unless someone forgets that date, i'll surely smack him hard. (which smack are you referring to actually oh okay bye).

we'll be going to Perak next week and Ain will definitely stalked my social mediaS (yes, twitter facebook blogs, its like she's obsessed with me) to find something to bahan me. darn it. not a good time to post this but i just had to.