Friday, June 27, 2014

Thank You


" When your first love ends, insecurities are abound. Are you undesirable? Think you have a bad personality? Though none of those are true. The truth remains that you weren’t good enough for that person to love you any longer. Regardless, there’s a reason this love is called your first love — not your lastSo, here’s to the second loves. That’s right; second loves really get the shaft when it comes to getting due credit in our romantic timelines. Cheers to them, though, because the second loves are the ones who really matter, even more so than the first.Your second love is the one who came along and saved your heart after it was smashed. After you lost your doe-eyed innocence and wised up to the perils of love, good ole love number two was there. When you thought you were tragically imperfect, impossible and perhaps, unloveable, your second love gave you the opportunity to love and be loved once more. "
Read the full article here.
No no its not someone's birthday ke apa. I just feel like posting this. I am truly greatful and blessed to have you in my life. Though none of us can guarantee if we could make it together to the next stage, but still, i am able to be happy again. Thank you for that. 
Damn it, i should save this for your birthday. ciskek. Oh takpe boleh repost nanti lepastu tambah gambar je hikhik. 

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