Sunday, April 17, 2016

to quit or not to quit


So this week my back pain hurts badly up to the point where when i sneeze, my back aches. No kidding bruh. Eh not this week, this has started wayyyyy back in last year i think. It stopped eventually. And then happened again.

Pergi KL, naik saga, belakang duduk 4 orang. Since then, uuuuu the painnn started. Had to go to clinic twice to get one of those ubat sakit urat and ada lagi satu dosage tinggi sikit padia nama tah. Celebrex, brex t-rex something with rex at the end of it. Worked for a while only T__T

My job requires me to sit like all the time. Hence the reason why it didn't really make any difference. And now that it became worse, everyone started asking me to quit.

Umi : berhenti je la kerja. Sebelum kahwin ada masa nak rehat kan belakang tu.

Sister # 3 : berhenti je la kerja tu cik.

Tunang : kalau tak tahan berhenti kerja ok.

I actually wanted to wait until July before sending the resignation letter. Simpan duit dulu, prepare untuk menganggur before getting a new job. Not sure if its worth the pain or not. Tapi no pain no gain kata orang. Eh?

Pestu tadi ternampak siapa tah share kat facebook, rezeki Allah ada dekat mana mana. Terus cam check calendar pilih tarikh sesuai nak resign 😂 < can you guys see this emoji btw? Just wondering since im typing using my phone right now. Mihihi.

Dah la nak tidur. Bye. Esok nak MC sebab back pain mak tak kasi.

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