Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mom's sorcery


I've been away from work for 6 days now. Urgh the thought of going back to office tomorrow makes me sick. The "have you restarted your computer?" or "how long has it been happening?" or "can i get your asset number?" or "have you run gpupdate on your computer?" and looong list of questions routine will begin tomorrow. Zzz.

1 month plus before i leave the company. Finally made the decision to leave. Along with my mom's advice. You can never go wrong when mom is involved. I don't know about other people, but in my case, there is always something big waiting whenever I followed mom's advice. Its not just work, back then when i was in high school, primary school, love life, college, friends. It never went wrong following my mom's advice.

"Habis tu takkan tak pernah rebel kot tak ikut cakap mak sekali pun tak pernah?" Pernahhhh pastu nyesal. Har har. Pastu clash pastu sedih pastu nyesal har har. Twice. Har har. So the next relationship i told myself if mom is okay with it, I'll go with the flow. Something good awaits me. Gitu noks. Followed her advice, Alhamdulillah getting married in few months =)

Same goes with work life and office. Dari last year ( actually from the first day i started working XD) mintak izin mak nak berhenti kerja, tak tahan, stress. She said no, gain experience, gain money first before leaving. So bertahan lah aku setahun lebih menangis, smashing the keyboards, shouting at some rude users who always cuts me off, waking up way too early to work. 

Up until last month, mak cakap, "berhenti je la. Takyah tunggu bonus." Dah la memang dah draft resignation letter, terus hantar besok la cerita dia XD. Yea, decided to forget about the bonus that I've been waiting for months, and followed  my mom's advice. Next week tu ada good newssss omg what kind of mother flippin sorcery is thissss? See every single time i followed mom's advice, insyaAllah good things will happen.

I hope i too will have the power just like my mom in the future. When i become a mother myself =) (naluri keibuan detected teeettt) 

Love your mom guys :D

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