Friday, April 1, 2016

2 years and counting shite the title is too cliché


Its 1st of April. Again. How time flies. 1st April is just another normal April's fool day for everyone else. But to me it's a different story. :)

Okay la okay la anniversary percintaan je takyah aaa nak :) :) bagai kakaka. Padahal kalau tak letak dalam calendar tak ingat. Sebab busy sangat stress kat office. As time passes by, you tend to forget all those small little things,  ucapan anniversary sekadar "Happy 2 years i lebiuuu berry much okay ada kerja ni."  Hoi STOP IT ME.

2 years je. Kata orang. To me its something big. Something that's worth to celebrate. Tbh i never thought we could go this far. Months away from our wedding day. Lots have happened in 2 years. Engagement, things that we fought/merajuk from simpe jealousy of chosing the iPhone 6 and DOTAAAAA over me, to things like tak jumpa kedai makan, from having to borrow mom's myvii to having our own beep2 (yeah we have a name for our car eheh) , from not having a stable job to have one now, from dating makan fancy2 to lepak mamak, from watching cinema at gsc to tgv sebab ada tgv member card , from nothing to something to everything really. (Chewah muntah sikit)

And ape kitorang buat untuk celebration? Sorang main dota, sorang beli makanan kucing. Hurmmm.

Few months left. Please pray for us, and me especially, so that i can fit in the baju kahwin ehehe. Berat woi 1kg baju tak tipu. K lah. What an awkward way to finish a suppose-to-be-sweet-ewwish kinda post.


nawwar_hanifah said...

Semoga dipermudahkan urusan chepah =) dulu kat asrama slalu main rakam video pastu gelak2 bila reverse video tu. sekarang ko nak kahwin dah hehe~ aku tumpang happy =D

_aliahwafa_ said...

Hahahah thanks afifahhh. Jangan buat aku rasa taknak kawan and nak kembali ke alam persekolahan pleaseeee hahaha