Thursday, January 14, 2016

how it started - 1


it was around this time of the month when we started our final semester. (tipu, i dont even remember). i remembered promising myself to focus on studies and get the hell outta college as soon as possible. (tipu lagi. the focus on studies part).

being the only girl in my class, i hated it when we had to gabung (gabung in english padia merge eh?) class with other courses. like its okay to merge classes with other students if theyre from networking or software engineering (sebab depa senasib semua kelas dua tiga ketul student per semester), but having to join (just googled gabung in englis (literally spelled englis)) a certain subject, with a bunch of students from God knows where theyre from. A bunch kay, 10 to 20 students camtu. i hated it.

sebab nanti assignments either kena carik kawan baru or kena gabung dengan 3 of my other classmates, lelaki. usually id chose to do assignments with them. easier and more comfortable.

anyway, on the final semester, ada pulak satu kelas kena gabung dengan budak course lain. see this is why i hate typing stories like this in malay. i sounded so childish. but not that i am good at story telling in english as well. haih dilemma.

long story short. i met my fiance in that class. hahahah. that was the whole point of this post actually. i just dont know how to express it. not that i need to. well maybe i need to. for.....future maybe? just to reminisce old love story. so that when our children wants to know how do/did/does (?) we met, i'd have a reference of my own. kekeke.

i was not in the mood to be in a relationship for 2 years at that time. was still trying to move on from past relationship. until one day,i really really really really really really prayed hard to Allah to open up my heart for someone else. padahal tengah FYP elok doa mintak lulus project kot . heh (i passed btw).

as we all know, Allah, as-sami' the All hearing heard my prayers. like He always did (nak nangis). He did opened up my heart. i think so. cause i started stalking other people's facebook instead of stalking he who must not be named. iykwim.

this guy was in the same class with me for a particular subject. i barely noticed him since he's not always around. Ponteng kelas, dota, COC, tidur, you name it (tipu lagi mati lah nak). stalked him on facebook. didnt didnt get much information. and of course, you have to tell your crush to a bestfriend. thats what best friends are for right?

so i told Tashia, and of course, as a best friend, she did what she gotta do. tell it to that guy even though i told her not to. its what best friends always do kan. kan  kan. things turned out okay. better than i thought.

it started with a "thanks approve oi. budak mahad eh?" hahahahha booo old schoolnye cara nak ngorat obviously kat profile tulis budak mahad. i replied with an old school answer "aah. senior ker" though he obviously stated on his facebook whats his highschool.

it stopped for a while since we didnt know what to talk about at that time. i dont think any details needed kot. lol. anyway. as long as both of us remembered how it started, it should be fine. unless someone forgets that date, i'll surely smack him hard. (which smack are you referring to actually oh okay bye).

we'll be going to Perak next week and Ain will definitely stalked my social mediaS (yes, twitter facebook blogs, its like she's obsessed with me) to find something to bahan me. darn it. not a good time to post this but i just had to.


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Tenkiuuuuu. Good luck for next step wafuu