Wednesday, December 30, 2015

working on shifts


working on a shift basis schedule is an exciting experience for me , lol no jk. Boleh blah. This month, i'll be working on night shift. Night shifts started from 7.30PM to 5.00AM MY Time. Which is the same as 10.30PM to 8.00AM AU Time. And its my first time working on this shift. For the past 1 year, my shift would always be 4/5/6 AM. Only once 10.30 AM shift.

There we'rent much thing to do last night. since the aussies are still on holidays, from christmas to boxing day and to new year. so i got a little bored. very , bored tbh. imagine my new workstation is kinda far from other people's workstation. depan management punya seats pulak tu. and the other 2 people working last night was my filipino colleague, who sat far from my workstation. its okay working with them, but its not the same without someone who speaks the same language as you. i think.

i spent first half an hour or so of my shift to finish all my works, and by 9.00PM everything is done. And....we still had like 6 hours on shift. krik...krik..... i remembered my promise not to open any internet browser while working. cause our company have this superstitious insecure thoughts about us having an internet connection, so they blocked it. all of us have access to the active directory....of course we can change the settings to kinda unblocked it. it was damn easy, but i just knew how to do it last week. so yeah, over the past 1 year plus i've worked there, i was this decent most innocent kid on the block. amboi. ye lah when other people are on facebook or google, me on the other side are chit chatting with nieda, or cursing at users, or gossiping with samm and has. so we didnt have much time to go online. plus morning shift is always busy. why the need to go online when you have loads of stuffs to do kan,

but there is an exception for last night. it all started last week when we were working on christmas. i had to make Puss' face to get my colleague to teach me how to get access to internet. hahahhaa. ye lah, takkan lah sepanjang hari takde kerja tu kau nak suruh aku keluar pergi PC kat pantry tu, semata nak on internet.

GAWD what is this, i was supposed to type that any shifts are okay with me as long as i can spend time with my mom at home. and we did. back from work this morning, we went to mamak for breakfast, banks to transfer money, and Giant for groceries. hihihi.

i love my mom sooooo much. lets hope i dont have to work on weekend night shifts, because weekends are like family/friends/baes bae time ya know. i hate people messing up with my weekends. tapi nak buat camna daku hanyalah insan biasa har har.

dah la bye. no one's gonna read this anyway.  anyway, i spent most of my time last night reading blogs, funny stuffs and wedding tips.

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