Wednesday, January 27, 2016



both of us , my fiance and i, we agreed not to spend lotsa money on hantarans. i told him not to buy me those branded handbags and shoes since i dont need one, and he agreed to not have shoes wallet and what not for his hantarans. for me, foods are enough as hantarans. murah takde la murah sangat but not as expensive as those designer handbags shoes whatever shit people always put on the dulang hantaran. decided to buy him a watch. hurm.......then came another list of non edible stuffs to be given to pihak lelaki as the hantaran.

my list was very simple;

1- buah (makcik makcik sponsor)
2 - chocolates (makcik makcik sponsor lagi)
3 - cakes (either sponsored or beli or order online , from a trusted seller of course)
4 - agar agar (sama hantaran masa tunang who cares if its the same, his mom liked it kay)
5 - cincin

thats that. my mom's list is... yes is....

1 - jam tangan
2 - wallet and tie (or maybe a belt)
3 - set of men's stuff from body shop
4 - towels (not the ones that you buy from giant okay)
5 - cincin

its okay. i dont blame her. parents are always like that. but still, imma stick to giving edible stuffs as hantarans. except for the cincin. takkan nak beli cincin gula gula pulak kot.

also, we dont want the makcik makcik or the cousins looking at our hantaran and be like "handbag dia tu ori ke tu?" "what brand is that? never heard of it before"

cause i did it too sometimes. hahahah! tapi takde la cakap kuat kuat. who cares if its original or not. its just us women. we love observing shits like that. ehehe

till then. ta.

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