Tuesday, April 15, 2014


hello. i am currently doing my internship at a company in IBM Plaza. and its effing boring. its only been like one week and 2 days camtu. Not that i dont like working here. It feels lonely at times. I used to be alone in college back then, so i thought i was gonna be okay... but.....yeah i was okay, and still am. But at times it just feels sooooo sooooo lonely. Macam isolated gila. So what i did most of the times was read news on yahoo, tweet stupid things, whatsapp paez senah ghazali kak zahidah and download series.  

sometimes ikut nasrul pergi assist orang buat kerja. or kartik. my supervisor did gave me a few works. pasal excel......and server room and stuffs. i guess what naz ke nasrul entah said was right, when it comes to networking its all about technicals. no such thing as documentation or updating inventories on excel and stuffs like that. 

im doing this for the sake of my degree. then i'll be off to find another way (nyanyi sikit, kalau tau lagu apa la~). Emm what else ya,nothing much. bye. lunch. 

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