Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 3 Week 2

Hello, since i am bored to death, i decided to make a post. Just to buat buat busy like everyone else. tehehe. Okay tak. i've been writing a daily diary since the first day i came here, but writing seems a bit too tiring (mengada) so i decided to just type it here.

Came late today cause my car broke down on my way to office just now. Some idiots honked me. Macam la i nak sangat berhenti tengah jalan tu. Nasib dekat dengan rumah kereta rosak. So abah boleh ambil and balik rumah pakai kereta mak. To be honest i dont want it to be fixed. hahah..The cost of fixing it is the same as the cost of buying a new car. so......hehehe. alaa second hand local car also can... nanti nak repair pape pun murah.

lepastu sampai office semua orang takde. nazrul and kartik went to that it orientation thingy, hafiz and justin meeting kot. hafiz said its not compulsary so here i am....waiting for calls, and, yeah, buat buat busy. tehee.

okay bye bye.

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