Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i should stop being so nice to other people around me (excluding family and friends) and start being heartless.  and mean. Ain kalau baca ni mesti cakap "sejak bila kau tu baik pun?". Eleh, i dont always show the good side of me in front of you guys. Im not the kind of woman(gittew) who knows how to show her feelings thru words and actions.That's what makes me so special. eh? eh? eh?

for me whats important is, as long as you and the other party rock anthem (wah) know how much you  love them is enough. macam saying i love you every fking day doesnt mean you really love that person kan. kira macam i love you tu is the other words of saying bye before ending a conversation or hanging up. depends ah. kalau selalu sangat cakap. 

being nice to your friends doesnt mean they dont talk bad things behind ya. member aku ramai je yang mulut macam haramul jadah, tapi hati baik gila. macam aku sekali lah. eh eh eh? ramai je mengaku kawan tapi kutuk belakang belakang. or ramai je mengaku kawan, lepastu blah macam tu je and expect things to be okay in two or three years/months later. 

okayh lah. nak semayang. biar mean and heartless as long as semayang tak tinggal. wah gittew. pesanan khidmat masyarakat in dibawakan khas dari aliah wafa yang sedang dalam kesedihan dan kegalauan dan sila ignore any grammar mistakes anda tak suka grammar nazi kan neither do i. 

dah la bye. 


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