Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hi all.

Harini raya kedua hang pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana pi mana ja? Hikhik.

Harini raya few houses. And dengar orang cerita pasal experience kahwin depa. Not in a good way though. 2 stories thats enough to creep me out.

First story

A woman, was married to a mat pit. Who believed that he'll change after getting married. Ended up divorced after <5 years ( sebab anak first umur 5 tahun, just assuming ) . Anak first kena bawak lari dengan ayah and dah terpengaruh dengan lifestyle mat pit. Sian dia. Ex husband carik and ugut macam macam. It was a very long story and i tried not to focus on it too much.

Second story

Perempuan jugak, bercerai dengan ex husband sebab jumpa perempuan lain. Kira orang ketiga la ni. And thats all i know. Hats off to the woman for not selling her stories out on facebook and to everyone. Kitorang tau pun lepas dah habis iddah. Kire lama jugak la kan.

Thing is, im getting married in 2 weeks time insyaAllah. These stories rub off all of my expectations of marriage and hits me back to reality. These things could happen in a marriage (Na'udzubillah). Marriage is not just about hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses, baby and bae, etc etc etc.

Jodoh pertemuan ajal maut kerja Tuhan. May Allah ease everything for us. And may it lasts forever till jannah :)

P/s : you probably not gonna read this now since kat kampung internet slow . Just would like to say love you. Kbye

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