Sunday, February 23, 2014

stop whining


some people out there are dying to get that skin of yours
some people out there are dying to get that face of yours
some people out there are dying to get that life of yours
just like you, everyone else are dying to get everyone else's life.

ceywah acah acah Shakespeare pulak. okay serious.

be grateful you ********teeeet*****bleeeeep***. stop whining about how ugly you are, how your skin's not as white as korean's (ever heard of plastic surgery?), how your teeth are not as straight as other people's teeth, how miserable your life is compared to other people, how fat you are compared to me, how ugly the design of your room is, how your education is not as high as everyone else, well at least you have a freaking job, some people out there are struggling to find a job every day. stop whining and start doing something. i know its hard, I too find it hard to find something that i really want to do in the future (sekarang pun).

im just tired of hearing you whining about this and that, how everyone else's life is so full of excitement, bla bla bla bla bla. just shut your bloody mouth, stop whining and be grateful with what you have right now. i cant say it straight to your face so yeah im saying it here. in case you're stalking me. yea i know you stalked me before. kantoi~~~~

secara tak langsung im typing this post as a reminder to me as well. i know its not that easy to be grateful but at least kurangkan lar comparing your life to other people's life. everyone have  their own problems.

just stop whining and stop comparing. no i dont hate you.

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