Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sem baghuuuu

wuyo wuyo lama gila tak type. its been a month or two since i last touched my laptop. no seriously. it feels a lil bit awkward typing. haha. laptop rosak sepanjang cuti sem. i thought i was gonna die, turned out i survived my semester break. its not that bad living without one. tapi dah start sem memang kena la, cause all the bloody works need to be done!

hopefully this semester will be the last semester for me. and my friends. cant wait to finish this freaking semesterrr. then after study what to do? hennntahh la kak jahhh. if this was last year, id surely said "lepas study, kahwinnnn!". kakaka. tapi nak buat camno, cintaku tertinggal di putrajaya bro. eh eh eh kakaka. *lap air mata di tubir mata*.

mannn its been a year already, move on leee. 

so anyways, hopefully we'll pass this semester with flying colors. kemain. especially final year projecttttt. eja je pun dah menakutkan. brrrr. serem.

okay la babai.

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